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How works Surfmappers?

Watch the video to the side and see a brief introduction of how SurfMappers can innovate in their way of working and interacting with your customers!

Surfmappers benefits

Photos organized by session

Put all surfing photos for sale in Surfmappers, they will be organized by session that combines location, date and photographer. And provides searches that allow surfers to find the photos easily.

Protected Photos

The Surfmappers will display for surfers photos in low resolution and with a colored watermark on the photo to protect the work of the photographer. Surfers will have access to original photo automatically after after confirmation of purchase.

Automatic delivery of photos

After confirming the purchase photos will be available for the surfer in their profile and can download it whenever their want. So the photographer does not need to worry about getting attaching photo in the mail or via WeTransfer. We take care of everything

Define how you want to charge

In Surfmappers the photographer have the flexibility to define how and how much to sell. You can set the price of the photos, including different price photos in the same session and can also set discounts if surfer purchase many photos.

Safe sale

The Surfmappers care fully the part payment for the photographer and ensures that the photos will only be delivered when the payment is confirmed.

Automatic backup

By placing your photos in Surfmappers you doing an automatic backup in the cloud and your photos will always be available to you in a safe place.

Photographer portfolio

Photographer at the register on Surfmappers has a profile, which is the photographer's portfolio in the site. In it is only your photos for sale as well as contact information and professional photographer information.

Identification and notification of surfers

The Surfmappers has algorithms and techniques that help identify and notify surfers of each photo helping the photographer to sell more even when he does not know the surfers.

Social network

The Surfmappers also functions as a social network and is a channel for the guys interact and photographer to develop the relationship with the guys. Surfers can like, comment and mark surfers in the photos, thus helping to identify surfers including the photographer does not know.

Create your network of followers

In surfmappers surfers can follow your favorite and your region photographers and receive notifications whenever they are making new sessions and also when posting the pictures they took. So everybody be it known automatically without the photographer notify surfers one by one.

Schedule next session

When scheduling the next session the Surfmappers will automatically notify surfers of the region and followers of the photographer.

Sales Report

Photographer receives real-time notification every sale made and can see the sales report in the portal where he wants. The photographer has access to see what surfer made the purchase and which photos he bought.

Payment methods


Make a bank transfer to our current account and send the voucher to our email or whatsapp


Through PagSeguro you will have option to pay by credit card, direct debit, bank transfer or payment slip. (Only for brazillians)


Pay with PayPal using your credit card.

Technical support

Online Chat

From Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00


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Request support by e mail contato@surfmappers.com


Request support via Whatsapp +55 84 99896-2088


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